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In the early 1970s, the ever-increasing cost and complexity of engines and manufacturing machinery prompted the need for an improved system of filtration. Harvard Corporation was founded in April 1973 to meet that need. Then, as it is now, their mission was to develop, manufacture, and market the best filter and filtration systems on the market. The HarvardĀ® brand filter removes contaminants as small as one micron, filters synthetic and petroleum-based fluids, and removes the vast majority of silting particles. In addition, the filter absorbs water, antifreeze and other extraneous particles. Harvard Corporation also manufactures a line of filter elements to clean water-based fluids.

We can build mobile filtration carts to satisfy your filtration needs. We can also build stationary units of any size - wall mounted or on a skid. These units can be customized depending on your filtration demands. They are perfect for all jobs - large and small!

We also specialize in onboard filtration for heavy equipment. These systems can be used to filter engine oil, hydraulic oil, differential oil, coolant and transmission oil. Extend your maintenance intervals with Harvard filtration. Less down time for maintenance means more time in the dirt!
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